2009–2014 Action Plan

The 2009-2014 Action Plan, released on May 25, 2009, continues the work begun by the 2006-2009 Action Plan that accompanied Québec's International Policy. It allows the implementation of its directions.

In order to take into account changes in the international situation and ensure rigorous and flexible management, the measures are subject to an annual update in collaboration with partner departments and agencies.

Measures for 2012-2013(597 Ko, French only)

Progress Report 2012-2013(945 Ko, French only)

Measures for 2011-2012(1,61 Mb, French only)

Progress Report 2011-2012(904 Ko, French only)

Measures for 2010-2011(1,61 Mb)

Progress Report 2010-2011 (1,5 Mb, French only)

Measures for 2009-2010(7 Mb)

Progress Report 2009-2010 (1,8 Mb, French only)

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