The Department’s mission is promote and defend Québec’s international interests while ensuring respect for its authority and the consistency of government activities in accordance with its constituent act and in its capacity as coordinator of the government’s international activities and those of its departments and agencies.

To carry out our mission, the Department must work closely with all government partners concerned by international matters. Our vision: a distinctive and agile diplomacy that focuses on Québec’s development and international influence.

Organization chart

The Ministère is composed of five main sectors that encompass all the directorates as well as the teams reporting to the deputy minister: Francophone and multilateral policies and affairs, Bilateral affairs, Coordination of international action and protocol, Department and employee services.

Offices abroad

Québec Offices abroad

Through its network, the department offers services, advices, and activities adapted to the characteristics of different countries to businesses, creators, researchers, and Québec institutions.

Québec's International Policy

Québec’s new International Policy, which was launched on April 11, 2017, will guide the government’s international action in the years to come. The culmination of a wide-ranging consultation, the policy sets out three main thrusts:

  1. Build a more prosperous Québec
  2. Contribute to a more secure, sustainable and equitable world
  3. Promote Québec creativity, culture, knowledge and specificity

Québec on the world stage: involved, engaged, thriving

Declaration of services to citizens

In accordance with section 6 of the Public Administration Act, all Québec government departments and agencies that provide services to the public must publish a statement outlining their commitments regarding the level and quality of services offered.

Access to information

In keeping with the Act, the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information requires public bodies to make documents available on their Web site. This requirement reflects the government's desire to be more transparent to citizens. The menu tabs provide direct access to various documents that must be made available under the Regulation. This section is available only in French.

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