Since world issues know no borders, the Government of Québec has mandated emissaries to promote its priorities and the strategic directions of Québec’s International Policy.

Three emissaries will help promote Québec’s positions and advance its interests in the following policy areas:

  • Climate change and northern and Arctic affairs
  • Human rights and freedoms (gender equality and LGBT rights and freedoms)
  • Mobility and the recognition of professional qualifications

This theme-based approach will enhance Québec’s presence and influence on the world stage. The nomination of emissaries is part of the initiatives undertaken by the Ministry and the official foreign representations of Québec as well as those of various government departments and agencies.

Emissary for climate change and northern and Arctic affairs

Jean Lemire

Jean Lemire is a biologist and renowned international scientific communicator. His appointment as emissary for climate change and northern and Arctic affairs testifies to Québec’s strong commitment to contribute to international efforts and seek sustainable solutions by leveraging Québec expertise in these two fields.


“I agreed to become the emissary for climate change and northern and Arctic affairs because these are challenges that face all of humanity and that call for the commitment of all, and because Québec has a singular service to perform from a standpoint of solidarity. I bring my experience, my commitment to the planet and my determination to this task.”

- Jean Lemire


Jean Lemire has been sailing the world’s oceans for over 15 years to raise public awareness of important environmental issues. His work on climate change and biodiversity has led to major scientific missions, including a three-year world tour to study the status of world biodiversity in collaboration with the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

His expertise and commitment will bolster Québec’s undeniable leadership on the international stage in northern and Arctic affairs and in the fight against climate change.


Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie
380, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest Montréal (Québec) H2Y 3X7

Telephone : 514 873-6708


Mr. Lemire has a general mandate to broaden Québec’s international commitment in the fields of northern and Arctic affairs and the fight against climate change, two government priorities set out in Québec’s International Policy.

He will notably be tasked with establishing new international partnerships with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and putting carbon pricing mechanisms in place. Mr. Lemire will also help implement international climate cooperation measures that will support the most vulnerable French-speaking countries.

Mr. Lemire will continue to ensure that Québec is a credible actor in international discussions on Arctic issues by creating or reinforcing ties with governmental and non-governmental actors in the northern and Arctic regions and by actively participating in the main international forums dedicated to northern and Arctic issues. He will also be tasked with promoting Québec’s expertise in sustainable northern development, facilitating joint international initiatives and encouraging the sharing of best practices in this area.

Emissary for human rights and freedoms

Julie Miville-Dechêne will take up her duties as emissary for human rights and freedoms on December 5, 2017. She is currently Québec’s representative within the Permanent Delegation of Canada to the United National Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) in Paris.

Emissary for international mobility and the recognition of professional qualifications

Coming soon.

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