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Québec Government Ofiice in São Paulo

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Since March 2008, Québec’s office in São Paulo has been responsible for promoting Québec and coordinating political, economic and institutional relations in Brazil, as well as providing immigration services.

Political, economic and institutional mandate

  • Promote Québec and its interests;
  • Establish and maintain relations with the central government in Brazil, and the governments of target states and cities;
  • Support Québec businesses interested in doing business in Brazil;
  • Develop cooperation in the fields of education and science and technology;
  • Help Québec institutions (education, science and technology, culture) establish relations with partners in Brazil.

Deserved territories

  • Brazil

Head of mission

José Castro

José Castro

Acting Director



Québec Government Ofiice in São Paulo

Québec Government Ofiice in São Paulo

Avenida Engenheiro Luis Carlos Berrini, 1511
CJ 152, 15e Andar
04571-011 São Paulo (SP)

Phone:+55 11 5505 0444
Fax:+55 11 5505 0445

Social Media:
Facebook. Twitter.

Hours of operation:
Les horaires sont du lundi au vendredi : 09h00- 12h00 /13h00-17h00.