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Québec Government Office in Tokyo

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The Québec Government Office in Tokyo has been representing Québec in Japan for 40 years. Its mandate is to promote Québec.

Economic Affairs

  • To provide Québec businesses with customized services to support their market development efforts in Japan, including the following:
  • identification of target contacts;
  • organization of programs of meetings;
  • support during these meetings.
  • To carry out promotional activities (seminars, exhibitions, advertising campaigns) in high-potential sectors in collaboration with Québec business associations and groups;
  • To heighten awareness of Québec’s competitive advantages through visits to Japanese investors and leading importers;
  • To support the development of scientific and technological alliances and transfers in Japan for Québec businesses and research institutions (universities and centres).

Investissement Québec

  • is both a financing institution and an economic development agency;
  • offers financial products and tax measures to companies wishing to expand their business internationally;
  • helps these companies find a location that suits their needs and forge strategic alliances with local partners;
  • has an office in Tokyo that serves Japanese companies since 2007.

Public Affairs

  • To promote the organization of public events such as seminars and conferences;
  • to sensitize the Japanese media to current issues in Québec and to identify areas of mutual interest to Québec and Japan;
  • to foster exchanges among journalists by supporting Québec and Japanese reporters in their efforts to that end.

Cultural and Educationnal Affairs

  • To organize cultural activities such as seminars, forums and exhibitions;
  • to promote Québec culture by helping Québec organizations interested in entering the Japanese market;
  • to inform Japanese students and organizations of the various educational institutions in Québec and of the opportunities for learning both French and English as second languages in Québec;
  • to facilitate cultural exchanges between Japan and Québec.

Deserved territories

  • Japan

Head of mission

Claire Deronzier

Claire Deronzier

Québec Delegate General in Tokyo

Ms. Deronzier has a university degree in communication and holds the title of ASC (Certified Company Administrator). She has over 25 years of experience in government communication and public administration, particularly in the area of strategic planning.

As Assistant Deputy Minister within the Québec government, she oversaw public policy development and the implementation of the Québec-France Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications. She coordinated development and land use planning activities for the Montréal metropolitan area. She was also in charge of modernizing immigration services in Québec and abroad in the competitive context of growing international mobility.

Ms. Deronzier has been the Québec Delegate General in Tokyo since August 2013.


Québec Government Office in Tokyo

Québec Government Office in Tokyo

Shiroyama JT Trust Tower
32th floor, 4-3-1 Toranomon Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-6032

Phone:+81 3 5733 4001
Fax:+81 3 5472 6721