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Québec Government Office in Barcelona

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The Québec Government Office in Barcelona has represented Québec in Spain since 1999. It provides services in the economic, public affairs and cultural sectors and sees to the implementation of bilateral cooperation projects between Québec and Catalonia. Its mandate covers the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Economic Affairs

  • To promote Québec's economic advantages, particularly in the aeronautics, biotechnology, information and communication technology and agri-food sectors;
  • to support Québec firms in their efforts to acquire export markets, strategic alliances and technology transfers;
  • to monitor economic trends in Spain and Portugal and their possible consequences for Québec;
  • to negotiate economic cooperation agreements between Québec and Spain or Portugal and ensure follow-up;
  • to sensitize elected officials and the members of the various governments to economic, technological and scientific reality in Québec.

Public, Cultural and Cooperation Affairs

  • To make Québec known to the Spanish media and contribute to the development of an accurate and favourable perception of Québec;
  • to promote Québec artistic disciplines (performing arts, plastic arts, literature, music) and cultural industries in Spain and Portugal;
  • to monitor the way Québec is perceived on the territory, as portrayed by the media.
  • to implement and follow up on the cooperation agreement and cooperation projects between Québec and Catalonia.

Deserved territories

  • Espagne
  • Portugal
  • Principauté d'Andorre

Head of mission

Alfons Calderon Riera

Québec Bureau Acting Director



Québec Government Office in Barcelona

Québec Government Office in Barcelona

Av. Diagonal, 420, 3o 1a
08037 Barcelona

Phone:+34 93 476 42 58
Fax:+ 34 93 476 47 74

Social Media:
Facebook. Twitter.

Hours of operation:
lundi au jeudi : de 9h à 14h et de 15h à 18h vendredi : de 9h à 14h30