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Québec Government Office in Paris

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The Québec Government Office in Paris was established on October 5, 1961. It represents Québec throughout France and in the Principality of Monaco.

Political Affairs

  • Coordinate relations with national, regional, departmental and local French political authorities;
  • maintain official relations with the National Assembly and Senate as well as with their friendship parliamentary groups;
  • maintain ties with major political parties and their leaders as well as with political figures from territorial communities (regions, departments and communes);
  • coordinate all of Québec’s ministerial missions in France and, similarly, lend support to organizing visits to Québec by French politicians;
  • perform political analyses and monitoring of France’s activities that could have an impact on Québec from a political perspective;
  • manage relations with the Association France-Québec, with the exception of public affairs activities which are managed by Communication and Public Affairs.

Economic and Commercial Affairs

  • To promote Québec's economic image in the French business community;
  • to help the Québec and French business communities establish commercial, industrial and technological relations;
  • to offer its services primarily to Québec firms interested in French businesses or the French and European market;
  • to answer local requests by French companies seeking Québec products or technologies.

Investissement Québec

  • Is both a financing institution and an economic development agency;
  • offers financial products and tax measures to companies wishing to expand their business internationally;
  • helps these companies find a location that suits their needs and forge strategic alliances with local partners;
  • has an office in Paris that serves Western European companies for 10 years.

Press and Public Affairs Department

  • To make every aspect of Québec known to interested groups in France;
  • to provide information, advice, support and assistance to media representatives and press agencies, and facilitate their access to various sources of information on Québec;
  • to coordinate the public affairs activities of Québec Government House and relations with the Association France-Québec;
  • to administer Québec Government House's press room, and produce various publications, including Les Nouvelles du Québec en France.


  • Coordinate and develop relations with regional, departmental and local bodies;
  • negotiate and implement action plans with the DGQP and its partner regions;
  • develop cooperation with French authorities and institutions in domains prioritized by the French prime minister and the Québec premier: decentralized cooperation, education, higher learning and research, the environment and sustainable development, youth, health care and government modernization;
  • coordinate missions to France by representatives of Québec ministries and organizations. Support the organization of missions to Québec by sectoral delegations working at national, regional, departmental and local levels. Organize sectoral activities in regions during ministerial missions to France;
  • organize a media watch of French sectoral activities that may have an influence on Québec;
  • serve as the Québec contact for Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise in France.

Cultural Initiative

  • Help promote and spread Québec culture in France;
  • foster meetings between professionals from France and Québec (prominent figures and organizations) in the arts and cultural sectors, thereby contributing to market development and the consolidation of existing relations. Strengthening ties is also achieved through various partnerships;
  • support Québec companies and artists by planning promotional activities and backing their efforts in all sectors to explore opportunities with respect to the numerous specialized networks;
  • lend promotional support during the presentation of shows, festivals, exhibitions, etc.;
  • manage a reference and research library that is open to the public and that holds 17,000 volumes, a newspaper and periodical collection, and a video collection comprised of over 1,500 titles.

Quebec Immigration / Prospecting office and Promotion

  • To encourage the establishment in Quebec skilled workers, business people and students of Francophone and Francophile;
  • to provide information on life, education, the labor market and immigration procedures for those interested in Quebec, so they can make informed decisions and make choices consistent with their profile and needs of Quebec ;
  • to advise and support businesses and educational institutions in Quebec in their recruitment activities;
  • to support foreign companies setting process or already established in Quebec in their needs for mobility to Quebec.

Deserved territories

  • France
  • Monaco

Head of mission

Michel Robitaille

Michel Robitaille

Québec Delegate General

Michel Robitaille counting more than 30 years of international relations experience in Québec and abroad.

Mr. Robitaille took up his duties as Québec’s Delegate General in Paris on October 4, 2010, becoming the head of one of the largest delegations in Québec’s diplomatic network. He is also the Premier’s official representative to the International Francophone Organization (OIF).

Prior to taking up his duties in Paris, Mr. Robitaille was appointed the first CEO of the Francophone Centre of the Americas (CFA) by the Government of Québec in 2008.

From 2002 to 2007, Mr. Robitaille was Québec’s Delegate General in New York. From 1999 to 2002, he served as Director General of the Missions Office, where he organized 15 major trade missions headed by the Premier of Québec.

Mr. Robitaille has held various positions within Québec’s international diplomatic network. He was assigned to Brussels on two occasions, serving as Director of Public Affairs, Cooperation and Culture and as Cultural Attaché. From 1982 to 1987, he was Director of Public Affairs and Culture at Québec Government Office in Los Angeles; from 1977 to 1978, he was Cultural and Public Affairs Advisor at Québec Government Office in Louisiana.

Within the Department of International Relations (MRI), Mr. Robitaille has held various positions, including Chief of the New England Desk and US Director from 1997 to 1999.

From 1988 to 1991, Mr. Robitaille served as Director General of the Québec-France Association; from 1987 to 1997, he headed the University of British Columbia’s Institute in Québec City and its summer French language program.

Mr. Robitaille is married to Marie-Dominique Decninck, who is originally from Belgium. They have two children, Mathieu, born in Brussels, and Marie-Laure, born in Los Angeles.


Québec Government Office in Paris

Québec Government Office in Paris

66, rue Pergolèse
75116 Paris

Phone:+33 1 40 67 85 00
Fax:+33 1 40 67 85 09

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Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.