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United States grant programs

The Québec Government is proud to offer a grant program to American Scholars, the Québec / United States University Grant Program. The program is aimed at encouraging projects on Québec at U.S. universities, in the humanities and social sciences. The main purpose of projects will be to promote better understanding of Québec and/or its relations with the United States, or which involve a substantial element of comparison with Québec.

The Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) is particularly interested in research in the following priority areas:

  • bilateral relations between Québec and the United States
  • the economy and bilateral trade
  • security and border issues
  • environmental, energy and natural resource issues
  • sustainable transportation issues
  • immigration issues
  • comparative studies of governmental and economic policies
  • Québec international relations and public diplomacy
  • Québec identity and cultural policies
  • issues related to Québec government priorities.

For further details concerning the Québec government’s Québec studies programs in the United States, visit the program page.

Last update: 2015-03-27 8:45:48 AM