French Community of Belgium

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Political relations

The French Community of Belgium is a major political partner for Québec.

The French Community of Belgium's strategic importance is directly related to its international powers. In 1993, Belgium's federated entities officially acquired full international autonomy in their areas of jurisdiction, including the power to ratify international treaties. In addition, these entities play a key role in the development of the country's international policies in areas falling within their jurisdiction. For that reason, the Belgian regions are key allies of Québec on various matters of common interest.

In 1982, the Government of Québec and the Executive of the Wallonia-Brussels Community (WBC) signed an agreement creating the Québec-WBC Standing Joint Committee. In March 1999, a framework agreement was signed with the three Belgian Francophone partners (including the Walloon Region and the Committee of the French Community of the Brussels Capital Region), creating the Standing Joint Committee on Québec/Wallonia-Brussels Cooperation and superseding the previous agreements. This committee oversees the completion of some 50 projects every year in a variety of sectors.

For over 20 years, the Québec/Wallonia-Brussels Youth Office has enabled 800 Québec and Belgian Francophones to travel to Belgium and Québec annually for the purpose of developing closer ties.

The Québec Government Office in Brussels was inaugurated in 1972. The French Community of Belgium has had official representation in Québec City since 1984.

Main areas of collaboration


Economic relations fall within the jurisdiction of the Government of the Walloon Region.

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