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31 Jan 2012

Québec is in the vanguard of family policies

Yolande James, Minister of Family (photo source: National Assembly of Québec).

Yolande James, Minister of Families, has just returned from a mission in Norway, where she represented Québec at the roundtable of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), where family policies were the main topic of discussion

Nearly 200 participants from many countries, including ministers, lawmakers, civil servants and representatives from day care systems and civil society, took part in the roundtable, whose theme was “Starting Strong: Implementing Policies for High Quality Early Childhood Education and Care."

The roundtable gave Minister James an opportunity to present Québec's family policy initiatives and hear about the experiences of other OECD member countries. The Minister also used her mission in Norway to visit day care centres and talk to university researchers who specialize in early childhood education and care.

“Our participation in this major meeting allowed Québec to reaffirm its status as a leader in family policy. Flexible parental leaves, a huge network of $7 day care services, and financial aid packages for families are just a few examples of Québec policies that are considered some of the most generous in the world. They show that family well-being is our top priority," stated Ms. James.

It should be noted that in October, the Minister of Families launched a call for projects to create 15,000 new places in the $7 day care centres. Once these places are created, 235,000 children will benefit from $7 day care.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
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