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8 Mar 2012

Diversifying agri-food exports to Asia

<div id="agrandir" style="cursor:hand;font-size:10px;color:grey;/*margin-top:-1em;*/" onclick="popup.open('http://www.mri.gouv.qc.ca/PDF/actualites/groupeAsieEntreprisesQC_500.jpg')">Click to enlarge</div> <span style="font-size:10px;color:grey;/*margin-top:-1em;*/"> Minister Pierre Corbeil surrounded by representatives from Québec pork processing companies, Québec’s Delegate General in Tokyo and the Director of Economic Affairs at the Québec Government Office in Tokyo (see Note 1 for details)</span>

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Pierre Corbeil, headed an economic and political mission to Japan from March 4 to 7 with the goal of helping Québec bio-food exporters to diversify their Asian markets. The mission moved on to China, where it will continue until March 11.

FOODEX, a must-attend exhibition

In Tokyo, the Minister participated in Asia’s largest food exhibition, and the third largest in the world. Accompanied by 25 Québec companies, 11 of which exhibited at Foodex Japan 2012 under the Agri-Food Export Group Québec-Canada banner, he promoted the quality of Québec products.

He also took advantage of the occasion to promote Québec’s leadership in food safety and its internationally recognized tracking systems.

Meeting with Japanese importers and promoting Québec products
Minister Corbeil notably participated in a major networking activity involving over 150 people, including meat importers. The two largest Japanese trading companies were in attendance. It was an occasion for representatives of Québec’s pork industry to develop ties with a number of Japanese buyers.

Pierre Corbeil, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ), with Marie-Chantal Lepage, Chef, Château Bonne Entente, Québec City

During the mission, renowned chef Marie-Chantal Lepage was asked to showcase the diversity and quality of Québec products at events that brought together Japanese agri-food companies.

Japan is the second ranked destination for Québec bio-food exports, after the United States. With sales of $461 million in 2010, the agri-food sector accounts for over half of Québec exports to Japan.

China, a growing market

The mission, in which Québec companies also took part, continued on to China, and will end on March 11. In Beijing, Minister Corbeil will meet with representatives of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. He will also visit a Québec product sales outlet and will meet with representatives of the China Meat Association as well as with Chinese pork meat buyers.

China is the fourth largest international destination for Québec pork product exports, after the United States, Japan and Russia. Fresh and frozen pork are Québec’s number one export to China, with sales totalling almost $100 million in 2011.

Note 1
Left to right: Louis Bélanger (Québec Government Office in Tokyo), Francois Guité (Olymel), Kevin Poitras (Aliments Asta), Claude Trottier (Canards du Lac Brome), Yanick Desormeaux (Olymel), Stéphanie Poitras (Aliments Asta), Pierre Corbeil, Minister, Claude-Yves Charron, Québec Delegate General in Tokyo, David Boissonneault (Fédération des producteurs de porc du Québec), Marylène Ménard (Agromex), Mario Côté (Viandes Or-Fil), Dominique Fortin (MAPAQ) and Bernard Houle (MAPAQ).

MAPAQ (in French)
Québec Government Office in Tokyo
Québec Government Office in Beijing
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