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1 May 2013

European Parliament Conference: Québec’s lead in sustainable development

Robert Noël de Tilly, MDDEP; Maria Gafo, European Commission; Richard Savard, Deputy Minister, MRNF; Christos Sirros, Québec Delegate General in Brussels; Gaston Franco, MEP; and Klara Hajdu, CEEweb for Biodiversity. (Photo: ©DGQB)

Québec Delegate General in Brussels Christos Sirros, Associate Deputy Minister at Forêt Québec Richard Savard, and MDDEP representative Robert Noël de Tilly (Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs) recently took part in a conference in Brussels organized by the European Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. They were invited to present the Québec model, since Québec is viewed as a pioneer in sustainable development and forest management.

Federated states play a pivotal role

In his address entitled “Committing to Sustainable Development: Innovative Perspectives from Québec,” Mr. Sirros stressed the pivotal role that federated states such as Québec can play and underscored the need for them to share their good practices. Québec was one of the first federated states to adopt a Sustainable Development Act. Since the act’s adoption in 2006, Québec has been integrating the environmental, social and economic aspects of development activities into its various policies.

Fostering productivity and getting communities involved

“Deforestation is non-existent in Québec. Fostering productivity while preserving ecosystems and getting local communities involved are factors that contribute to achieving this objective,” noted Forêt Québec Associate Deputy Minister Richard Savard.

Green Fund

Robert Noël de Tilly of the MDDEP emphasized that Québec has firmly embarked on the path of sustainable development, citing the creation of the Green Fund in 2006 as proof. The fund aims to support projects contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, such as:

  • energy efficiency
  • electric vehicles
  • solar heating.

Equally important is Québec’s membership in the Western Climate Initiative. Québec, along with U.S. allies such as California, is seeking to establish a common and effective carbon market.

Québec: a source of inspiration

“Québec is a source of inspiration because it puts sustainable development and the fight against climate change at the heart of its policies,” stated MEP Gaston Franco, Conference Chair.

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