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24 Jun 2013

A National Holiday brimming with music and flavours

Click to enlarge Jean Savard, Elise Holloway and Samuel Aubry-Gagnon showcasing poutine in Brussels. (Photo ©DGQB)

To celebrate its 40 years in Brussels, the Québec Government Office organized a splendid National Holiday for Quebecers and their friends in Brussels.

The activity took place at the Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels on Sunday, June 24. After a speech by Québec Delegate General in Brussels Christos Sirros, who recalled the holiday’s significance, DJ Natashka provided entertainment and enchanted participants with her repertoire of Québec songs.

The Qw4rtz vocal quartet currently touring Europe also gave an irresistibly energetic performance that thoroughly captivated the audience. Wherever they go, the four Quebecers share their madness and humour and charm listeners with their unique voices.

It’s now a tradition: To everyone’s delight, Québec’s National Holiday at the Halles Saint-Géry has become the perfect time to enjoy some poutine and a tasty Québec microbrewery beer.

The typically Québécois atmosphere got everyone thinking about vacations. As a result, participants made sure to visit partner booths for tourist information on Québec. They even had a chance to win a trip to Québec for two on Air Transat.

The Québec Government Office in Brussels organized the celebration with the support of Air Canada, Air Transat, Go to Canada, Bombardier, TD Bank and Québec’s Ministère du Tourisme.

Bird’s-eye view of Québec

During the festivities and throughout the summer, a photo exhibition entitled Québec vu du ciel (Bird’s-eye view of Québec) by photographer-historian Pierre Lahoud is on display on the exterior facade of the Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels. Mr. Lahoud gave a talk on Québec on June 21 and presented his photographic works in which he expresses his love of Québec’s architecture and landscapes from an aerial perspective. Many of the thousands of his aerial photographs are regularly published and exhibited in Québec and abroad.

DJ Nataschka
Qw4rtz vocal quartet (in French)
Pierre Lahoud (in French)
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