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20 Sep 2012

Québec Premier appoints her Cabinet

The Cabinet surrounding the Premier of Québec, Pauline Marois (Photo: Le Protocole, gouvernement du Québec)

Québec Premier Pauline Marois formed her first Cabinet on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, in the Salon Rouge of the National Assembly.

In her opening statement, Ms. Marois emphasized that her government’s actions will be based on four pillars: integrity, prosperity, identity and solidarity. She then appointed the twenty-three ministers who will make up the new government, including:

  • François Gendron, Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
  • Stéphane Bédard, Chair of the Conseil du trésor
  • Nicolas Marceau, Finance and the Economy
  • Agnès Maltais, Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity as well as Status of Women
  • Bernard Drainville, Democratic Institutions and Citizen Participation
  • Bertrand St-Arnaud, Justice
  • Marie Malavoy, Education, Recreation and Sports
  • Jean-François Lisée, International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade
  • Martine Ouellet, Natural Resources
  • Réjean Hébert, Health and Social Services
  • Diane De Courcy, Immigration and Cultural Communities

Putting public finances in order, laying the foundations for sustainable economic development, proposing a new mining royalty regime, better supporting farmers and fishermen, promoting Québec’s interests on the international scene, revamping Bill 101, fostering the dissemination of our culture, proposing a secular charter and drafting a bill on identity are only a few of the mandates given to the ministers by Ms. Marois.

The Premier reserved responsibility for youth issues for herself. She will be assisted by the youngest-ever member of the National Assembly, Léo Bureau-Blouin, who was elected in Laval-des-Rapides, in suburban Montréal. Eleven parliamentary secretaries have also been appointed to assist the ministers.

“Nothing is preventing Quebecers from being among the most prosperous people on the planet. We have the talent, the creativity, the land, the resources, the energy and the entrepreneurial spirit that enabled our ancestors to build this country from almost nothing,” concluded Pauline Marois, who was speaking for the first time as Premier.

Press release – Cabinet (in French)

Press release – Parliamentary Secretaries
(in French)
Press release – Ministers responsible for the regions (in French)

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