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26 Sep 2012

Continued educational cooperation between Québec and Jalisco, Mexico

The signing of the joint declaration between Marie Malavoy, Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, and José Antonio Gloria Morales, Secretary of Education of the government of the State of Jalisco (Photo: Government of the State of Jalisco).

José Antonio Gloria Morales, the Secretary of Education in the Jalisco State government, led a mission to Québec from September 24 to 26, including a dozen scientists, corporate executives and representatives of the field of education in Jalisco.

Signing agreements, educational exchanges and school twinning

Based on the close and enthusiastic relations that have developed between Québec and Jalisco resulting from the Cooperation Agreement between the two governments in 2009, Mr. Morales signed an education and culture cooperation agreement, on behalf of the Secretary of Education, with Université Laval, represented by Denis Brière, its Rector.

A second agreement, which approves a pilot program for student exchanges between Jalisco and Québec, was signed before Jean-Stéphane Bernard, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Bilateral Affaires of the Ministère des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extérieur, and Raymond Lesage, Assistant Deputy Minister for Administration and Student Financial Aid of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport.

Mr. Gloria Morales also spoke to Marie Malavoy, the new Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports. At this meeting, both Ministers of Education signed a joint declaration that will make it possible to clarify and steer cooperation projects.

Minister Malavoy underlined the importance of encouraging encounters between young people of different cultures, particularly in the Americas, in this era of virtual communication. School twinnings are a preferred method of achieving this. It was precisely in that spirit that the Secretary formalized the twinning of the Guy-Drummond school in Québec and the Albert-Camus school in Jalisco.

Networking for the Mexican representatives

At the same time, researchers and entrepreneurs participated in the first Symposium on Functional Foods and Health at Université Laval, which was co-organized by Jalisco and the Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (INAF) of Université Laval. They will also use this opportunity to attend BÉNÉFIQ 2012, an international event dedicated to healthy ingredients and intended as a forum for the acquisition and sharing of new knowledge, as well as business and science networking.

Promising developments

The agreements and programs signed will generate promising developments for both societies, thanks to student and teacher mobility and exchanges between scientists: In the functional foods sector, the agreement will help establish university, scientist and business networks between Québec and Jalisco. As for the secondary school exchanges, they will help establish direct relations between students and between teacher and institutional circles and fully promote values such as tolerance, thanks to a better knowledge and a mutual understanding of the partner societies.

It should be noted that Jalisco is one of Québec’s priority Federated States in Mexico. In addition, it is one of three major economic hubs in Mexico.

Denis Brière, Rector of Université Laval, and José Antonio Gloria Morales, Secretary of Education in the government of the State of Jalisco, signed an education and cultural cooperation agreement (Photo ©Marc Robitaille).

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