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5 Oct 2013

Three major Francophone universities sign historic partnership agreement

Seated: Jean-Dominique Vassalli, Rector, Université de Genève; Guy Breton, Rector, UdeM; and Didier Viviers, Rector, ULB. Standing: S. E. Beltrametti, Counsellor- Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland in Belgium; Christos Sirros, Québec Delegate General in Brussels; Serge Jaumain, Vice Rector, International Relations, ULB; and Hélène David, Vice Rector, International Relations, UdeM (Photo: ULB)

Université de Montréal (UdeM), Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Université de Genève signed a partnership agreement on September 26 with a view to increasing and facilitating training and research exchanges. The goal of the agreement is to create a university network that will become a reference for the Francophonie and the entire world.

According to UdeM Rector Guy Breton, “A clustering of the three institutions is completely natural in that we are the three best mainstream Francophone universities based on international rankings.” While these institutions were already linked by bilateral agreements, this new agreement creates a true tripartite alliance that will facilitate exchanges and the pooling of their respective forces.

The tripartite agreement will, among other things, make it possible to:

  • Carry out joint activities in order to increase the visibility of the three partners
  • Provide new training possibilities through joint graduate programs
  • Facilitate the mobility of researchers, professors and students
  • Organize internships in on their respective territories

The newly linked universities will also be all the stronger in applying for international research grants.

The Québec Government Office in Brussels (DGQB) provided support for the establishment of this new partnership. One of DGQB’s mandates is to develop cooperative relations between Québec and Benelux institutions, notably in the fields of higher education and training, research, science and technology.

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