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15 Oct 2012

La Francophonie will develop an economic strategy

In the centre, Pauline Marois, Premier of Québec, during the adjournment of the Kinshasa Summit.

Pauline Marois, the Premier of Québec, welcomes the decision by the heads of state and government to call for the Francophonie to develop an economic strategy that will be tabled at its next Summit in Senegal in 2014. The Premier wanted to underscore her avowed desire to strengthen the francophone economic space by pooling the efforts of all economic players.

“I hope that the network that Québec has built over the years in the French-speaking world makes better use of Québec’s entrepreneurs and experts in order to contribute to economic progress in Québec and francophone countries," said Marois.

The Premier pointed out that one of the reasons that this strategy was being developed was because of a wish that had been shared at the first Forum mondial de la langue française held in Quebec City in July.

Promoting the French language

The Premier also welcomed the adoption of an integrated policy on promoting the French language in Kinshasa, which was called for by the heads of state and government when they met in Quebec City in 2008.

“The adoption of a policy on promoting French that includes a digital strategy is essential to the development and influence of the French language, not only in the French-speaking world, but across the globe. Needless to say, Québec will do everything it can to support this strategy,” stated Marois.

Women’s rights

The Premier revealed that the issue of human rights was at the centre of the discussions in Kinshasa, especially women’s rights. In that respect, the Declaration calls for an update of the Luxembourg Declaration. Adopted in 2000, this Declaration identifies strategies for promoting equality between men and women. It should be noted that the Premier spoke yesterday before the heads of the delegations in favour of the Francophonie taking renewed action to support women's rights.

Bilateral talks

Premier Marois and Jean-François Lisée, Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and Export Trade, took the opportunity to meet with several heads of state and government and ministers from France, Belgium, French Community of Belgium, Tunisia, Haiti and Senegal.

Resolutions of the 14th Francophonie Summit (in French)

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