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24 Oct 2013

Québec cybersecurity mission to Washington

Ralph Loewen, President and CEO, Itergy; Rafael Bosquez, BQW; Daniel Dignard, MRIFCE; Ryk Edelsein, CEO, Cicada Security Technology; Jean-Sébastien Noël, Director of Business Development, Groupe Énode; Susan Pak, DGQNY; Charles Tremblay, Director of Member Services, Notarius; Alain Olivier, Director, BQW; Sophie Plante, Investissement Québec.

Québec cybersecurity firms carried out a trade mission to the U.S. capital from October 17 to 19.

Organized by the Québec government office in Washington (BQW), the program for the trade mission gave people from the participating firms a chance to meet with representatives of the Department of Homeland Security and find out more about the U.S. government’s computer security policies, programs and measures.

Networking and potential partnerships

The Québec delegation also met with an important private-sector player in the field of cybersecurity. The meeting could lead eventually to alliances and contracts.

A promotional showcase gave the Québec firms a chance to present their technologies and products to some 30 American counterparts. The showcase was followed by one-on-one networking meetings, which generated tangible opportunities for collaboration.

The firms received support for their participation in the mission from the Export Québec unit at the Ministère des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extérieur (MRIFCE). The Québec government office in New York (DGQNY) and Investissement Québec office in New York also took part in the mission, including an activity held to promote the Québec cybersecurity sector.

The Québec Government’s U.S. Strategy proposes a series of efforts designed to step up relations with the United States and promote and encourage business opportunities for Québec companies. Promoting Québec expertise throughout the United States is also one of the priorities set forth in the strategy.

Québec government office in Washington (BQW)
Québec government office in New York (DGQNY)
Investissement Québec
U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Cybersecurity
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