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2 Nov 2012

Québec and France team up in mental health education

Two Québec and French organizations active in mental health education recently launched a guide in Québec to support the friends and family of people with a mental illness. This tool was developed as a cooperation project between France and Québec in response to a shared public health issue.

Entitled L’indispensable, this guide was designed by the Fédération des familles et amis de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale (FFAPAMM) in Québec and the Union nationale des familles et amis de personnes malades et/ou handicapées psychiques (UNAFAM) in France.

The guide is intended to provide a concrete response to the still very delicate issue of mental health in our societies. For some years now, Québec and France have observed growing interest in the issue of the support required by those who are affected by mental illness, especially concerning the role that can be played by friends and family of ill individuals. This new guide also discusses the topics of communication, stress management, and prejudices and myths related to mental health.

This project is part of the activity program of the Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise (CPCFQ), which supports projects related to the themes and priorities selected by the French and Québec governments. Over the years, health has become a key sector of institutional cooperation between Québec and France.

L’indispensable guide (in French)
FFAPAMM (in French)
UNAFAM (in French)
CPCFQ (in French)
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