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8 Nov 2013

Gaspé lobster shines at Seafood Barcelona 2012

Six Gaspé lobster processors promoted their products at the Seafood 2012 trade show in October, which was held for the first time in Barcelona.

In addition to expanding their network of contacts in the Spanish industry, the entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to visit the impressive Mercabarna (central fish market) facilities. This free zone is one of the largest wholesale markets in the world, with over 700 companies moving 90,000 tons of fish and seafood each year.

With the support of the Québec Government Office in Barcelona, the Québec processors listed below were able to display their products: live and frozen lobster, lobster tails and meat, halibut, mackerel, Northern shrimp, herring, salted and dried cod, snow crab, and more.

  • Les Crustacés de La Malbaie
  • Dégust-Mer
  • Lelièvre, Lelièvre et Lemoignan
  • Poissonnerie Caron
  • Poisson salé gaspésien
  • Unipêche MDM ltée

With a per capita consumption of over 37 kg of fish a year, Spain is one of the world’s leading consumers of fish, which makes it a very attractive market for Québec seafood products.

Québec Office in Barcelona
Gaspé lobster processors
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