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14 Nov 2012

Second edition of CRIQ zeroes in on Asia

Left to right: Marie-Eve Jean (Director, Export Québec, MRIFCE), André Bourret (Director, Teaching and Research, ENAP), Raymond Saint-Pierre (Chair, GERIQ), René Milot (Coordinator, MRIFCE), Jean-Stéphane Bernard (Assistant Deputy Minister, MRIFCE), Gopinath Jeyabalaratnam (Director, GERIQ), Véronique Jobin (Coordinator, GERIQ) and Stéphane Roussel (Director, Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur les relations internationales du Canada et du Québec (CIRRICQ)). Photo: GERIQ

A hundred-odd students, professors and specialists took part on November 1 in the second edition of a symposium on Québec international relations, known by the French acronym “CRIQ,” held in Montréal at the École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP).

About a dozen experts from various university institutions spoke to the participants during the latest edition of CRIQ, which focused on Québec’s relations with Asia. The symposium was moderated by journalist Raymond Saint-Pierre.

Jean-Stéphane Bernard, Assistant Deputy Minister for Bilateral Affairs at the Ministère des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extérieur (MRIFCE) gave the closing address.

In his words, “In today’s age of globalization, dominated by stiffer international competition and the slowing of our traditional partners’ economies, Québec society has to be aware of the interdependence between its economy and that of Asia. Strategic positioning on the Asian market is essential.” Referring to a survey conducted by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, the Assistant Deputy Minister went on to say that Quebecers now see Asia as a “land of opportunity.”

Earlier in the day, René Milot, Adviser at the MRIFCE’s Asia-Pacific desk, outlined the history of Québec’s presence in Asia, and Marie-Ève Jean, Director of the Asia-Pacific and Oceania desk at Export Québec, described Québec’s economic prospects in Asia.

Launch of a Québec international relations study group

The symposium was also the backdrop for the announcement of the creation of the Groupe d’études sur les relations internationales du Québec (GERIQ), the first study group dedicated exclusively to exploring and raising awareness of Québec international relations.

Part of ENAP, GERIQ will be able to call on a network of experts in a variety of fields at different institutions. The study group is led by its founder, Gopinath Jeyabalaratnam, a master’s student at ENAP and CRIQ head organizer, and is chaired by Raymond Saint-Pierre.

Relations du Québec avec la région Asie-Pacifique
GERIQ – Groupe d’études sur les relations internationales du Québec
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