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22 Jan 2013

Leningrad Region delegation to attend Québec Winter Carnival

The 59th edition of the Québec Winter Carnival will take place from February 1 to 17, 2013. (Photo: Le Soleil, Erick Labbé)

A delegation from Leningrad Oblast (Leningrad Region) will be attending the 59th edition of the Québec Winter Carnival — a true institution in Québec’s capital city. Over the years, the Winter Carnival’s international impact has grown, thanks among other things to a 15-year-old tradition of inviting a foreign country to take part in the major winter event. This year’s special guest is Russia.

The arrival of a delegation from Leningrad Oblast, led by Governor Alexander Yurievich Drozdenko, confirms the good relations between Québec and this Russian region. The visit is being organized within the framework of a Québec-Leningrad cooperation agreement signed in March 2011.

Cooperation between the two governments includes the participation of a representative of the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés (MFA) in the Leningrad Partner Regions Forum held in the summer of 2011. Other projects are on the drawing board in the areas of agriculture, technology park management and good public administration governance.

Russia is a priority for Québec, which opened a government office in Moscow in September 2012. The office’s mission includes cooperation with Russia and support for export growth and business partnerships on the Russian market.

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