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26 Feb 2013

Active collaboration between Québec and China!

Front row, left to right: The Consul General of China in Montréal, Zhao Jiangping; the Ambassador of China to Canada, Zhang Junsa; and Minister Lisée (Photo: Consulate General of China in Montréal)

Jean-François Lisée, the Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade, referred to the collaboration between Québec and China as very active in an address at the premiere of Raise the Red Lantern performed by the National Ballet of China in Montréal on February 21.

Minister Lisée, a guest of Zhao Jiangping, the Consul General of China in Montréal, continued his remarks by mentioning that the event, which was arranged in partnership with the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, was a fine example of this collaboration.

Major trading partner

Beginning in the late 1970s, Québec took the gamble of investing in its relations with China, the second largest economy in the work and Québec’s second largest trading partner. This noteworthy rapprochement took shape with the opening of the Québec Government Office in Beijing in 1998, then the Québec Government Office in Shanghai in 1999. It was at the invitation of Québec that the Chinese government opened a General Consulate in Montréal in 2011.

Now both extremely well equipped, the two governments promote bilateral trade as well as exchanges in the spheres of culture, education, tourism, science and technology.

Artists carve out their place…

Thanks to this collaboration, Québec artists are beginning to carve out a place in the Chinese cultural market. In recent years, singers Alex Nevski and Alexandre Désilets performed in several cities in China. L’Appât, a film by Yves Simoneau, was screened in China last Fall. Québec painter Dominic Besner also exhibited his work in the celebrated 798 Art Zone in Beijing.

“These examples show that the Québec and Chinese cultural markets are open and that they must be occupied by our talented creators. The Government of Québec is committed to helping Québec culture flourish abroad and is actively pursuing the internationalization of Québec artists,” concluded Minister Lisée.

Relations between Québec and China
Québec Government Office in Beijing
Québec Government Office in Shanghai

Raise the Red Lantern
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