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20 Aug 2014

Québec cheese makers excel in North America

Québec cheese makers won more than 23 distinctions and awards at the 30th Conference of the American Cheese Society held in Madison, Wisconsin, from July 31 to August 3.

A record number of 1,794 cheeses from the United States, Mexico and Canada were in competition at this major event. It bears noting that Québec alone manufactures over half of Canada’s cheeses and is in a class by itself thanks to its outstanding, innovative and unique products.

The talents of our homegrown artisans

Québec was home to Canada’s first cheese-making school and boasts a highly dynamic cheese industry.

This year’s awards – including four first places and ten second places – were garnered by the following cheese makers:

  • Fromagerie Bergeron
  • Fromagerie Le Détour
  • Fromagerie La Moutonnière
  • Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf (Saputo Specialty Cheese division)
  • Fromagerie 1860 DuVillage (Saputo Specialty Cheese division)
  • Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser
  • Fromagerie de l'Abbaye Saint-Benoît
  • Beurrerie du Patrimoine
  • Fromagerie Nouvelle France
  • Agropur Fine Cheeses

Over the past 12 years, 239 honorary mentions have been awarded to Québec cheese makers and their products in this competition.

The Québec Government Office in Chicago (DQC) and the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) lent their support to the Québec companies participating in this prestigious competition.

American Cheese Society

Founded in 1983, the American Cheese Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the American cheese industry. Headquartered in Denver, the association currently has a membership of 1,571. Of these, 36% are retailers, restaurant owners, distributors or brokers. Thirty-one members are from Québec and forty-one from other Canadian provinces.

Québec Government Office in Chicago
MAPAQ – Markets outside Québec (in French)
Québec cheeses
American Cheese Society – 2013 winners
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