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29 Aug 2013

Japanese master chef praises Québec agri-food products

Chef Toshiro Kandagawa during his demonstration at the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan

Japanese master chef Toshiro Kandagawa, who is known in the United States for his appearances on Iron Chef, gave a culinary demonstration in Osaka that combined Québec and Japan gastronomy.

The activity attracted some twenty aspiring gourmets looking to learn one of the maestro’s recipes. The press, always on the lookout for another culinary creation of the renowned master chef, was also present.

He used various foods from Québec to prepare the dish, including veal, duck, foie gras and cranberry juice, which he described as being very high quality and very safe products.

Japanese consumers demand healthy, nutritional, natural and premium quality foods. Safe, wholesome foods figure prominently in the choice of foods they consume.

Promoting the excellence of products

The event, which was supported by the Québec Government Office in Tokyo, raised awareness of the excellence of Québec products as well as of Québec’s meat traceability system, which ensures the highest standards of quality and safety. The same system also exists for Québec maple syrup.

A series of activities promoting Québec agri-food products is planned for this Fall in several Japanese cities.

Québec’s 2nd largest market

Japan is the 2nd largest export market for Québec agri-food products, behind the United States. Québec shipped nearly $476 million in agri-food products to Japan in 2011, or some 50% of all Québec exports to the country.

Québec Government Office in Tokyo
MAPAQ – identification and traceability system (French only)
Economic relations between Québec and Japan

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