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21 Oct 2013

Québec steps up its relations with Shanghai

Minister Lisée is pleased with the outcomes of this second mission to China in less than 12 months.

Minister Jean-François Lisée ended a productive mission to China Saturday by reaching an agreement with Shanghai authorities to increase relations between Québec and the city of Shanghai.

“Shanghai and Montréal have strong personalities and their priorities interlink perfectly. Shanghai’s huge retail sales markets and cultural industries are increasingly focusing on niche products for targeted markets, and Montréal has an abundance of them,” said Minister Lisée.

The Government of Québec and the city of Shanghai have agreed to cooperate in a number of sectors:

1.Cooperation between convention centres for cross participation in international events;
2. Exchanges of officials in sectoral ministries of strategic interest;
3. Cooperation in urban management, particularly for underground areas;
4. Exchanges focusing on environmental protection, green building and urban transport;
5.Cooperation for implementing the free trade zone project;
6. Development of an academic exchange program for faculty and students;
7. Assistance in opening a direct air link between Montréal and Shanghai.

Over 20 announcements and signings

The Minister is pleased that some twenty announcements and signings took place between Chinese and Québec companies, institutions and organizations during the mission. These are in addition to several high-level political discussions that led to forging political, institutional and business ties with Chinese authorities.

“Québec is now reaping the benefits of over thirty years of friendship and continuous commitment by both sides. Step by step, we have laid the groundwork for a relationship based on genuine mutual recognition that today extends to all levels of our two societies,” concluded the Minister.

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