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4 Dec 2013

The Québec Government Office in Moscow celebrates its first year

The president and CEO of Above Security, signing new partnerships with Russian companies.

The Québec Government Office in Moscow was in a festive mood last November 21. A number of representatives from Russia’s government, business and institutional communities as well as several of Québec’s partners gathered to mark the first anniversary of the opening of Québec’s office in Russia. The Québec Government Office in Moscow’s initial undertakings have been very promising.

Economic agreements
Above Security, a company based in Boisbriand, signed new partnerships with local Russian companies.

Interestingly, the three Canadian companies that have been awarded contracts by the Organizing Committee of the Sochi Olympics are all from Québec:
  • ESKI Studio, creators of innovative technologies;
  • Show Canada, manufacturer of mobile scenic and architectural elements for the opening and closing ceremonies. The company was previously involved in the London and Vancouver Olympic Games;
  • SP Apparel, hockey equipment.

Agreements between educational institutions
The following institutional agreements were also signed:

Québec Government Office in Moscow
The mandate of the Québec Government Office in Moscow is primarily to expand economic relations with Russia. A sign of the times: Trade increased nearly fivefold between 2003 and 2012. Québec alone accounts for 30% of trade between Canada and Russia.

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