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28 Jan 2014

Tribute to Québec organ music at the Cathedral of Barcelona

About 250 people attended the concert, where the First Nations, French and contemporary origins of Québec organ music were highlighted.

The Québec Government Office in Barcelona found an original way to celebrate the New Year by organizing a concert of Québec organ music at the Cathedral of Barcelona for its collaborators and the Québec community in Catalonia. The concert was held on January 17.

The organist of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar (Barcelona), Neil Cowley, and the organist of the Church of Sant Felip Neri (Barcelona), Bernat Bailbé, performed a repertoire of music for organ by Québec composers for the some 250 guests attending.

The concert was also a tribute to the great Québec organist Sylvie Poirier, who died in December 2013.

Works by such composers as Denis Bédard, Conrad Letendre, Raymond Daveluy and Rachel Laurin were performed. The concert was the idea of Neil Cowley, who is a Québec organ music aficionado.

Originally from Texas, Mr. Cowley, who lived in Montréal for a number of years, put together a program designed to revisit the history of Québec organ music and highlight the contribution made by different generations of composers.

The bonds of friendship between Catalonia and Québec greatly facilitated the presentation of this concert at the Cathedral of Barcelona, one of the city’s most emblematic historic buildings.

Québec Government Office in Barcelona

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