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4 Jun 2010

Sixth meeting of joint Québec-Catalonia committee

Participants at the sixth meeting of the joint Québec-Catalonia committee, held by videoconference on June 4, ratified a dozen cooperation projects that will be undertaken over the next two years. The relevant areas include culture, education and economics, together with new sectors such as youth initiatives, electoral processes and biotechnology.

The meeting was chaired by François Turenne, Québec’s Deputy of International Relations, and Roser Clavell, Catalonia’s Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Among other agenda items, a status report was presented on bilateral cooperation initiatives. The participants hailed the successful results in various traditional areas while emphasizing new avenues of cooperation that have opened up in the past two years, particularly in the field of climate change mitigation. Québec and Catalonia have been joining forces at international gatherings in a bid to promote the role of regional and subnational governments in the post-Kyoto agreement.

Québec and Catalonia also identified new areas for cooperation over the next two years, including tourism, sports, social inclusion, responsible consumption, responsible gaming, health and employment.

Dating back to 1983, bilateral institutional cooperation was formalized in 1996 when an agreement was signed expanding the areas of cooperation and establishing the joint committee. Meeting every two years in Québec City and Barcelona on an alternating basis, the committee is responsible for producing a report on the initiatives undertaken, formulating strategic objectives, developing and approving a work program and identifying necessary sector agreements. The committee’s next meeting will be held in Barcelona in 2012.

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