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2 Sep 2010

Monique Gagnon-Tremblay meets with Mexican senator

Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, Minister of International Relations and Minister responsible for La Francophonie, and Senator Eloy Cantú Segovia of the state of Nuevo León. Photo: François Nadeau

Mexican Senator Eloy Cantú Segovia of the state of Nuevo León was in Québec from August 31 to September 2. Minister Gagnon-Tremblay met with the member of the Senate of the Republic of Mexico during his stay.

Their discussions focused on various areas of shared interest:

  • continental integration;
  • trade;
  • science and technology;
  • manpower mobility;
  • education.

Minister Gagnon-Tremblay also took the opportunity to highlight close to 30 years of bilateral cooperation between Québec and the Mexican federal authorities via the Québec-Mexico work group.

While in Québec City and Montréal, Senator Cantú met with representatives of academic, governmental, economic and political organizations such as the following:

  • PÔLE Québec Chaudière-Appalaches;
  • Montréal International;
  • Université Laval;
  • École de technologie supérieure (ETS);
  • Fondation des Entreprises en Recrutement de Main d’œuvre agricole Étrangère (FERME).

Eloy Cantú Segovia

Senator Cantú plays an active role within the Mexican federal government. He is a member of the Finance and Industrial Development Commission and the North American International Relations Committee.

Relations between Québec and Mexico

Mexico is one of five high-priority markets singled out in Québec’s International Policy. The Mexican senator’s visit has also contributed to the deployment of Québec’s Strategic Plan for 2008 to 2011, aimed among other things at consolidating and expanding ties with the Mexican central government and with certain Mexican states in order to create a fertile environment for increased trade.

Québec government office in Mexico City
Relations between Québec and Mexico
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