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18 Nov 2011

Québec cinema: Guest of honour at Badalona International Film Festival

Québec representatives at the festival (directors, producers and Québec Government Office staff) and the FILMETS organizing committee with Marjolaine Ricard, Director of the Québec Government Office in Barcelona.

Seventeen Québec-made short films were screened at the FILMETS festival in Spain thanks to the joint efforts of the Québec Government Office in Barcelona, SODEC (Society for the development of cultural ventures) and the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine.

The festival’s 37th edition was held from November 3 to 13 and attracted over 14,000 spectators. Considered to be “models that set the standard” by the festival’s director, Québec-made short films were in the spotlight for a full day devoted exclusively to Québec cinema.

Recognition and initiative

Sophie Lavoie by director Anne Émond was one of the three films nominated for best fiction. Alex and the Ghosts, a short by Eric Warin, won the best film award in the Sports category.

Québec also contributed to a first-ever event that took place during the festival’s 2011 edition: Jean-Marc E. Roy and Philippe David Gagné, two Québec filmmakers in the official competition, decided to shoot a short film on site at the festival after making the acquaintance of Japanese and Catalan actors. The film will be screened at the opening of FILMETS 2012. Organizers were so impressed by the initiative that they are even considering making this new feature an integral part of future programs.

The Québec folk group Nicolas Pellerin et les grands hurleurs likewise marked a first by performing live at the event.

Québec producer Danny Lennon also gave a master class that used Québec cinema as a model for marketing short films internationally.

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