Québec featured during London’s International Fashion Showcase: Minister Lisée applauds the creativity of Québec designers

Québec City, February 14, 2014 - Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and Export Trade Jean-François Lisée wishes to highlight the participation of seven emerging creators from Montréal’s fashion scene in the Montréal The White Winter Fashion City showcase that just opened at the Québec Government Office in London (DGQL).

The Québec Government Office in London is opening its doors to the public through February 18 to enable Londoners to discover seven young Québec designers and their creations. The Montréal creators participating are Anastasia Radevich, Pedram Karimi, LYN by Jocelyn Picard, UNTTLD, Mélissa Nepton, Breed Knitting and THERE ARE MANY OF US.

“Montréal is a North American fashion hub recognized for the creativity and daring of its designers. The metropolis ranks third in North America in terms of the volume of garments manufactured there. I am delighted by the visibility that Québec fashion will receive in the British capital,” said Minister Lisée.

Montréal The White Winter Fashion City is the result of collaboration between the Québec Government Office in London, Export-Québec, the Fashion Designers’ Council of Québec (CCMQ) and fashion consultant Melanie Trevett.

The showcase is part of the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) organized by the British Council and the British Fashion Council in parallel with London Fashion Week. Some thirty London-based embassies and foreign delegations are taking part in the event, which represents 120 emerging creators. Prizes will be awarded to the best designer, best showcase and best curator at the close of the event.

For more information on these Québec designers, visit http://www.wwfc2014.com.


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