How to become involved

Volunteering and fieldwork

  • Become fieldworkers: introductory international solidarity fieldwork offers young Quebecers between 18 and 35 years of age the opportunity to contribute to real projects in southern countries, share the values of solidarity and discover new cultures. The Québec Without Borders (QWB) program offers a number of opportunities for fieldwork in French-speaking Africa, Latin America and the Antilles.
  • Volunteer in Québec: volunteering in international cooperation organizations (ICOs) allows you to become involved in activities that interest you and that help achieve the mission of the organizations: entering data, preparing mailings, running stands, providing training, supervising activities, participating in fundraising campaigns, offering support in your professional field (e.g.: IT, graphics, translation, management, accounting), etc.
  • Volunteer abroad: every year ICOs recruit people who want to share their professional expertise with partner organizations in developing countries. International volunteers are involved in real projects in the field. Needs and assignments are determined by the partner organizations in the southern countries, can last for varying periods of time (from a few weeks to a few years) and concern various sectors of activity (health, education, economic development, agriculture, etc.).

Make a donation to an international cooperation organization

Public donations help support the mission and activities of international cooperation organizations (ICOs).

They may be used to carry out projects in developing countries, take immediate action in response to humanitarian crises or conduct awareness campaigns.

Other ways to become involved

  • Participate in awareness campaigns: many ICOs run campaigns to raise public awareness of major development issues (Millennium Goals, climate change, etc.). The public can contribute to these campaigns by learning more about the issues and signing petitions.

Visit the Web site of the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI), which includes 65 organizations that are active abroad and in Québec in sustainable development and solidarity. Find out more about their activities and lend them a helping hand.

Are you an international cooperation organization?

View the available programs for international cooperation organizations to find out which types of partnerships are possible between your organization and the MRI.

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