Québec International Development Program

Québec International Development Programm

The Québec International Development Program (PQDI) aims to support the solidarity efforts of international cooperation organizations working in partnership with communities in the most disadvantaged countries of Francophone Africa, Latin America and the West Indies.

The PQDI program has the following two components:

Development projects

This component provides support to initiatives focusing on HR resource training and aimed at strengthening governance capabilities in response to basic needs, including:

  • Healthcare, including water
  • Education
  • Food safety (agriculture)
  • Social and community organization
  • Community economic development, including revenue-generating activities (RGAs)
  • Human rights and democracy.

Emergency aid

This component provides funding for emergency initiatives undertaken by Québec-based international cooperation organizations in response to natural disasters and major humanitarian crises in disadvantaged countries.

In implementing this program, the MRIFCE relies on its dynamic partnerships with international cooperation organizations, most of which are members of the l'Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI).

Favoured lines of action for development projects

Québec's international development program provides support to development projects that adhere to the following principles:

  • Adopting an integrated vision of sustainable development
  • Adopting a gender and development approach (male/female equality)
  • Fostering stronger local partner organizations and real control by local populations
  • Adopting a participation approach focused on addressing needs defined by the populations themselves in accordance with their development choices
  • Capitalizing on the multiplier effect associated with these initiatives
  • Compatible with long-term viability (sustainability).


Québec-based organizations that meet the following conditions are eligible under the PQDI program:

  • Must be a non-profit organization whose primary objectives (as set out in the articles of incorporation) are focused on solidarity and international development and must meet the definition of an international cooperation organization
  • Must be headquartered in Québec or have an office in Québec with autonomy in terms of selecting and managing projects in the most disadvantaged countries and must file an annual declaration in connection with the Québec business register
  • Must have been legally incorporated at least three years prior to the proposal filing date
  • Must have a duly elected board of directors
  • Must demonstrate concrete experience in carrying out on-site development projects with a duration of at least two years, calculated based on the organization's latest activity reports
  • Must be able to confirm (based on the financial statements for the last three years) that it has a self-financing capacity of at least $20,000 annually (fundraising, membership contributions in Québec, etc.) over and above any funds derived from grants awarded by the Governments of Québec or Canada. The date of the latest financial report must not be more than 18 months prior to the date of the funding request.

An international cooperation organization is defined as a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of human solidarity that appeals for financial and human resources on a volunteer basis and adheres to the main principles of sustainable development (this definition is inspired by the charter of the Québec Association of International Cooperation Organizations).

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