Agreements and commitments

More than 700 agreements concluded with about 80 countries and federal states

As a federated State, Québec signs international commitments with sovereign States and with certain of their components. The Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie acts in her name and on behalf of the Government of Québec and ensures that the agreements reached benefit Quebecers.


A federated state : a state with a territorial and constitutional community forming part of a federal union.

Sovereign state: a State which possesses a population, a territory, a government which is subordinated to no other one and a capacity to enter into a relationship with the other states.

Role of the department

The Department coordinates negotiations between parties by:

  • Consolidating the initial position of the Government of Québec
  • Ensuring the coherence of international commitments
  • Facilitating negotiations between the parties when it is not itself negotiating on behalf of the Government of Québec
  • Draft the agreements

The agreements are then applied by ministries concerned by the field of expertise.


The Government of Québec achieves a number of objectives through various types of agreements and commitment:

  • Addressing political issues
  • Promoting Québec’s economic, social and cultural interests
  • Procuring rights for Québec citizens
  • Procuring benefits for Québec organizations and businesses

Since 1964, Québec has made commitments in areas within its constitutional jurisdiction such as:

Types of commitments

The Government of Québec enters into four different types of commitments:

  • International agreements
    agreements reached between the Government of Québec and a foreign government or an international organization
  • Non-binding agreements
    various forms of declarations of intent, joint statements, joint press releases and reports of discussions
  • Multilateral conventions
    mechanisms that involve several contracting parties and that are generally initiated by international organizations whose memberships are comprised of a large number of sovereign States, including Canada
  • Canadian agreements
    agreements reached by the Government of Canada with foreign partners that have an impact on areas within Québec’s constitutional jurisdiction

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