Political and institutional relations

Québec has been officially present in South Korea since 1991. The new office will help significantly increase Québec’s reach in this country. Although primarily economic in nature, the mandate of BQS will also include establishing institutional relations and promoting Québec culture in South Korea.

The most recent missions by Québec to South Korea:

  • Québec’s Chief Scientist on the occasion of the Songdo New Cities Summit, with its focus on innovation in the smart city sector (June 2017)
  • The Minister of Natural Resources on the occasion of the 22nd World Energy Congress in Daegu, held under the theme of hydroelectricity, sustainable development and transportation electrification (October 2013);
  • The Minister of International Relations to promote Québec as an attractive place for South Korean business leaders to invest (May 2010)

Several high level visits from South Korea to Québec:

  • 7th Canada-Korea Conference on Science and Technology, which attracted representatives from South Korea’s leading research and innovation centres to Montréal (August 2017)
  • President of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, Sung-ho Lee, on the occasion of an exploratory mission under the theme of the governance of human rights (July 2017)

Strong South Korean presence in Québec

South Korea has been officially present in Québec since the opening of the Consulate General of Korea in Montréal in 1980. Numerous South Korean companies are active in Québec, mainly in the information and communication technology (video games and 3D animation), aerospace, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. In 2014, for example, the South Korean company Green Cross Biotherapeutics announced the construction of a blood plasma fractionation facility, which represents an investment of more than CA$275 million. More recently, in June 2017, Hanwha Investment joined with a group of investors to make a major investment in Element AI, a start-up company based in Montréal.

Agreement on education and higher education with the Government of South Korea

Ties between Québec and South Korea are also strong in the fields of education and higher education. The agreement on higher education reached between Québec and South Korea in 2014, which followed the agreement that has been in effect since 2004, is aimed at further stimulating university student exchanges between Québec and South Korea.

Worker mobility

South Korea concluded its first-ever international agreement with a federated state when it signed a social security agreement with Québec in November 2015. Under the agreement, Québec and South Korean workers and companies will be able to count on the coordination of retirement, disability and survivor pension legislation in Québec and South Korea.

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