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25 Jun 2013

Québec’s National Holiday celebrated around the world!

The June, 2012 Québec@monde is a special issue on the National Holiday Celebrations in Québec’s 14 government offices abroad.

It reflects the vitality and importance of the ties that Québec’s representatives maintain there. It also illustrates the original and varied ways that the National Holiday is celebrated the world over. The events provide opportunities for interaction with Québec’s economic, political, cultural and academic partners and friends.

These ties have been forged over the years by a strong on-site presence. The Québec Government Office in Paris, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, the office in Germany, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, and the Brussels and London offices which celebrated their 40th and 50th anniversaries respectively in 2012 serve as excellent examples, as does the New York office, Québec’s oldest representation abroad, which opened in 1940.

This issue will be the last published in its current form. Since the Web now makes information available instantaneously, we will be bringing you the news via continuous headlines on the HOME PAGE of the new website of the Ministère des Relations Internationales (MRI). A special section devoted to Québec’s network abroad will keep you up to date on our activities. Therefore, I invite you to subscribe to our RSS feeds.

See you in July on the new MRI website where you’ll discover “Our actions around the world.
Our actions