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24 Jun 2013

Networking activities in Boston mark National Holiday

Québec Government Representative in Boston Jean-Stéphane Bernard (far right) and three guests at the Boston celebrations.

This year, the Québec Government Office in Boston (DQB) celebrated the National Holiday with two networking activities: one to promote Québec’s U.S. relations in the region and the other for Quebecers and Quebecophiles in the Greater Boston area.

The first activity took place on June 20 with over 150 business and political representatives from various activity sectors, primarily:

  • energy
  • transportation
  • education
  • culture

The DQB is very active in these sectors since they are priorities for Québec in New England. The business community was also well represented by biotech company members who were on hand for the 2012 BIO International Convention held in Boston. Representatives from the Québec International economic development agency likewise attended to forge ties with economic players in the Boston area.

Over 40 years in Boston

The activity provided an opportunity for Québec Government Representative Jean-Stéphane Bernard to underscore Québec’s ongoing interest in New England, as evidenced by the fact that Québec has maintained an office in Boston for nearly 42 years. Mr. Bernard stressed the common interests shared by Québec and its U.S. partners in a number of matters, particularly energy. Québec’s hydroelectricity is a source of clean, reliable and renewable energy for northeastern U.S. states. He also made reference to the rail transport sector, since the DQB is working closely with several states in the region to facilitate the reestablishment of a Montréal-New England rail link.

Mr. Bernard took the opportunity provided by the gathering to give an overview of the Plan Nord, the importance of the project for Québec’s economic development and the business opportunities associated with it.

An activity for Quebecers in the Boston area

The second activity organized by the DQB took place on June 22 and was attended by about thirty Quebecers and Quebecophiles living in the Greater Boston area. The event enabled Quebecers to mingle among themselves as well as with the DQB staff, other nationals from Francophone countries and Americans who are friends of Québec. The Boston area is home to a particularly impressive number of internationally renowned institutions of higher learning and research institutes where many Quebecers pursue studies or are members of research teams in key sectors.
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