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24 Jun 2013

Tastes of Québec featured in São Paulo

A holiday menu based on a combination of Québec ingredients and Brazilian products.

This year, the Québec Government Office in São Paulo (BQSP) celebrated Québec’s National Holiday in the city of São Paulo. The 70 guests included political representatives and partners from various sectors such as culture, business and education and Francophiles and Quebecers living in Brazil.

“Tastes of Québec” was the theme and a menu based on typical Québec ingredients blended with Brazilian products was created for the occasion. Intended to raise awareness among Brazilians of the variety and quality of our products, the activity took place in a lively district of São Paulo, where the colours of Québec were well displayed and its music set the beat.

Outcomes of the Premier’s visit

The activity proved to be an opportunity both for networking and strengthening ties with São Paulo partners who attended, especially subsequent to Premier Jean Charest’s recent visit to São Paulo. During a brief speech, the BQSP representative stressed the importance of collaboration with São Paulo’s institutions, particularly with respect to clean technology, education and economic development. The success of this cooperation was evidenced by the presence of representatives from the government of the State of São Paulo as well as from the university community.

The event also provided an opportunity to introduce the new members of the BQSP team to the guests: Director, Elise Racicot, and Commercial Advisor, François Godbout.
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