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25 Sep 2013

Québec takes a cue from Silicon Valley

Paul-Christian Nolin, the mayor’s press officer; Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco; Régis Labeaume; Alain Houde, Québec Government Representative in Los Angeles; and Siasia Morel from the MRIFCE.

Québec City Mayor Régis Labeaume, accompanied by some ten organizations and businesses in the technology sector, was in California on September 17 to 20 to visit technology incubators and meet with heads of leading companies.

The economic mission was organized by Québec International with the collaboration of the Québec Government Office in Los Angeles (DQLA) and support from the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco-Silicon Valley.

The DQLA arranged meetings through its networks in Silicon Valley between the mayor and senior executives, business accelerators and municipal authorities. Mr. Labeaume’s agenda included discussions with the mayors of Palo Alto and San Francisco focusing on the open city concept, urban development, innovation and major events.

Québec Government Representative Alain Houde accompanied the mayor and Québec companies throughout the mission and provided support for them.

Québec City accelerator project

The mission enabled Québec City to draw from the experience of innovative companies through meetings with representatives from Twitter, Google, CISCO, ILM, Samsung, Silicon Valley Bank and TESLA and learn about best practices with the aim of importing them to Québec City.

Mayor Labeaume and Québec International also intend to create a technological accelerator in Québec City. Consequently, visits to incubators such as Rocket Space, Plug and Play Tech, Matter, 500 Startups and Singularity University were also scheduled.

Business incubators are programs designed to support the development of companies, often in the startup stage, through an array of adapted serviced: hosting, consulting, financing, etc., during the initial phases of the company’s life. Incubators vary in nature depending on the services they offer, whether or not they are non-profit and the types of projects they target.

Many Québec-based digital companies benefitted from one-on-one meetings organized by the business development team at the Québec Government Office in Los Angeles. All participating companies were extremely satisfied with the mission, which enabled them to forge new ties with potential partners.

Companies that participated in the mission:
- iXmédia (web solution development)
- Libéo (web applications, hosting, e-commerce, etc.)
- SAGA (transmedia)
- SU Recherche et Développement (social innovation, culture, citizen empowerment)
- Cortex Media (applications and mobile games)
- Frima Studio (video, animation and special effects)
- Numadn (information technology)
- Squeeze Studio (3D character animation)
- ExMachina (architectural projection, etc.)
- Ubisoft (video games, multimedia)

Two agreements were signed: one between the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) program – managed by the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco - and Québec International; the second between SU R&D and International Free and Open Source Solutions Foundation (iFOSSF).

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