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6 Nov 2013

Québec theatrical creation honoured in Poland

Des mots d’la dynamite has performed its creations in a number of foreign countries.

The Québec theatre company Des mots d’la dynamite won the best female performer award at the Katowice–Dzieciom Festival, held in Poland from October 15 to 19.

The jury was impressed by the aesthetic originality of Scenes From a Tree (Spectacle de l’arbre), which represented Québec and Canada in three Polish cities. The creation combines singing, manipulation of objects and dance movements.

Following 125 performances in Québec, Canada, the United States and now Poland, the company will be presenting Scenes From A Tree elsewhere in Europe and around the world, contributing to the promotion of Québec’s identity and culture.

Des mots d’la dynamite has been active for 25 years. The company’s creations have been staged in a number of countries, including France, Italy, the United States and Cuba.

Des mots d’la dynamite
Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ)
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