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8 Nov 2013

Québec International Solidarity Days are underway

The 17th edtion of Québec International Solidarity Days (JQSI) began in Montréal yesterday.

Organized by the Québec Association of International Cooperation Agencies (AQOCI) with the support of the MRIFCE, the JQSI will run through November 16 in 11 regions in Québec. This year’s theme is Faut se parler (roughly translated: dialogue is essential).

AQOCI members are inviting the population to engage in discussion with them on six issues that resonate with Québec’s entire civil society: local economy, education, gender equality, the environment, social justice and health.

A broad array of activities, including exhibitions, lectures and documentary screenings, will also take place throughout the regions.

These days will also provide an opportunity for Quebecers to participate in discussions on the creation of a Québec international solidarity agency (AQSI). The agency would make it possible for Québec’s international cooperation organizations, which have been active for over 50 years, to maintain their commitment in accordance with Québec values.

JQSI (Québec International Solidarity Days): (in French)
MRIFCE (international solidarity)
AQOCI: (in French)

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