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20 Jan 2014

White Star Capital to set up operations in Montréal

The Premier with Jean-François Marcoux, Partner, White Star Capital; Christian Hernandez, Managing Partner, White Star Capital; Éric Martineau-Fortin, Managing Partner, White Star Capital; Stéphane Paquet, Québec Agent-General in London and Mario Albert, CEO, Investissement Québec.

While on mission in London, Premier Pauline Marois announced the opening of an office by White Star Capital in Montréal and the Québec government’s intention to invest $10 million U.S. in the fund.

With additional offices in London and New York, White Star Capital invests seed and start-up capital in companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

“As evidenced by its importance in the 2013-2017 Industrial Policy, Québec’s ICT industry is a true economic driver for Québec. It contributes to promoting our expertise and capacity to innovate around the world. The White Star Capital fund provides a unique opportunity to foster the start-up of forward-looking, dynamic companies in this rapidly expanding industry,” said Pauline Marois.

White Star’s operations in Montréal will foster the channelling of foreign capital to Québec-based ICT companies and help attract world-class companies to Québec.

White Star Capital’s investments in Québec include Ludia, a leader in the mobile video game sector, Execution Labs, a development and incubation platform for video game start-up companies, and Busbud, which enables consumers to consult information and book online bus travel in nearly 70 countries.

Founded in 2007, White Star Capital is a venture capital fund specialized in the social media, e-commerce, video games and mobile applications sectors.

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