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6 Jan 2009

Internship at the National Assembly on offer

Photo : National Assembly

In collaboration with the National Assembly of Québec, the International Association of Québec Studies (IAQS) is once again this year offering a student from outside Québec the opportunity to complete an internship in that institution. The goal of this internship is to allow a foreign student to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in his or her studies and improve his or her knowledge of Québec, its parliamentary institutions and its democratic practices.

This paid internship will be completed in 2009 in the Research Division of the National Assembly from August 31 to December 11. It is intended for foreign students who are enrolled in a university program that requires them to complete one or more internships in order to earn their degree. Relevant fields of studies include economics, sociology, political science, history and public administration.

The deadline for submitting an application is March 20, 2009. The results of the competition will be revealed in mid April.

Application instructions – AIEQ (PDF, in French)
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